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I started my career developing edtech products in 2003.
After that, I worked on a knowledge management platform that drove national aviation regulatory changes.
For the past 7 years I've been working with product management and, ocasionally, biz dev. I graduated in Class 1 of Startup Chile with my first company, in HR tech, and also led a Silicon Valley startup entry strategy in Latin America.
Then I joined a 3D printing startup founding team. The company focus on very interesting pain points of the industry, and our work and thought leadership have earned us strong reputation and media attention.

I worked for a local edtech company, helping school districts manage change and experiment with new instructional models, and now I'm on a global expert in online market research data, managing the ad operations product that serves 2.5M members on eMiles and a few milion more on Peanut Labs.
I enjoy social media more than I should, read less than I would like to, spend more time watching senseless TV than I admit, need deep human connection more than I realize, miss my family more than I would imagine.
I like cooking, running, reading, sewing, sun bathing, Python, silence, hiking and yoga. I pray because I'm helpless. I volunteer because it helps me while it helps other people.
I should get a dog.


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